How To Combine A Garden Shed And A Greenhouse

 Combine A Garden Shed and A GreenhouseTurning your garden shed into a greenhouse is a great way to save money and space. Instead of having a greenhouse and a shed you could consider combining both them into one space. This will provide you with the ability to store gardening and lawn equipment together with potted plants. However, in order to convert your shed into a greenhouse or part of it some extra planning is required.

There are a number of steps which are required to convert your shed into a greenhouse. The first thing you need is to decide is if you want to keep part of it to store tools and gardening equipment. Once you have made this decision you can then start by partitioning part of the shed based on how much space you will need for your tools and your greenhouse.

If you are an active gardener you will need a dedicated larger space to extend the overall growing season. The great thing about combining two functions into one structure is that you only have to build one structure and simply partitioning it accordingly.

Controlling The Temperature

When you are building your garden shed which is going to be converted into a greenhouse the location of the shed is very important. In order for the shed to be used as a greenhouse it needs to be kept warm. Greenhouses have to produce lots of humidity and so it takes a bit of resources to heat up the space.

Ideally, you will want to the greenhouse to face the rising sun directly in winter so that it heats up. You will also want to make sure that you use high quality Redwood so that your structure can be made weather and insect proof.

The Structure

If you are going to create a partition between the greenhouse section and the storage section of your shed make sure to build a wall and door between the two sides. The outer door should be placed towards the storage section of the shed just so that heat does not escape from the green house side when you open the door. If you cannot create a wall to separate both sides you should then try to localize the heat source by adding specially designed greenhouse shelving and trays.

Adding Light Sources

In order to finish off your garden shed conversion you will need to add a number of natural light sources to the structure. Adding windows and changing the roof so that you have a more transparent / reflective roof which takes advantage of all the sun is imperative.

You will also need to add insulation and seal up any gaps in order to prevent air leaks during the winter. You can add fans or vents which will then release all the excessive heat in summer and keep the air in circulation.


Converting a shed into a greenhouse is not as difficult as some people may think. Adding a greenhouse adds flexibility and functionality to your yard. You should also use a good set of shed building plans just so that you do not make any mistakes with the structure.