Backyard Aquaponics For My Home Garden

Learning about backyard aquaponics has been quite interesting for me. I have decided to try to grow as many fruits and vegetables as I possibly can like I used to when I lived in a great climate to grow. Where I live now, the soil is not really ideal for growing, so I had to find another way to garden.

I had been searching for answers to many questions that I had about backyard aquaponics system so that I would be able to get all of the equipment that I need. I did not want to forget anything and have to make a bunch of trips to the store when I was trying to get it all started.

I found many great resources online that were very helpful. I learned that I could do a lot more with the set up than I initially knew. I found out that I could actually have fish along with the fruits and vegetables. This was surprising to me, especially since one of the articles that I read mentioned that the produce will actually do better if they had fish in the water that helps them grow.

I came across some great diagrams that taught me how to set the area up. It showed me some great ideas for keeping some sun off of some of the plants while maintaining full sun exposure on others. It provided me a growing chart that I could use to know what plants will do well directly beside the others. I learned about the nutrients that are recommended in the water and the type of rocks to use in some of the setups.

I did not realize how much there was to learn about backyard aquaponics. Unfortunately, I just thought that I would just have to set up a few tanks, add water and begin growing my plants. I have plenty of time to spare during the day, so I am not afraid of all of the work that is going to go into this project. There is more work getting it started than there is maintaining a great garden without dirt.

I have joined a few forums and have been learning a lot from many of the members. These wonderful people are more than happy to answer the thousands of questions that I have. I was even lucky enough to stumble across a woman that does not live far from my house. She told me that she would come to my house and help me with the initial set up and that she would bring along one of her gentlemen friends that knows more than she does about this type of gardening.

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I just about have everything that I need to get growing. I have to wait for one or two more deliveries to come, but then, I will be able to have my new friends over and get these plants started. It will be so great to be able to go to my back yard to get the veggies for my salads like I used to.